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About Us


EBRU MATERNITY welcomes you!


                Ebru Maternity have presented the most beautiful, the most smart pregnancy clothing to prospective mothers more than  30 years. Departing from the motto “It Reflects the Beauty Inside You to Your Appearance”, we ensure future mothers to pass the nine months’ period, which is the best but the most difficult period for them, in the most pleasurable manner.

                Fashion is very important during pregnancy too; we closely follow up season’s colors and trends, and apply them to our collection. Anyhow, prospective mothers prefer tight T-shirts, tunics, jeans trousers, skirts and modern couture costumes instead of old times’ large and drapery trousers, tunics and jumpers. Now smart and functional clothes possible to wear during all 9 months are preferred by all mother candidates without departing from appearances before pregnancy.

                Trendy colors of this season are at the first plan in Ebru Maternity 2017-18 Fall-Winter Collection. Colors are as much as possible rich and brilliant. The couture fitting the body instead of borrowed-like dresses is at the first plan. But please note that classical, black and white contrasts that are fashionable all the time create a modern and dynamic style in our collection.

                We did not forget lingerie and nursing wear in our collections of course. Pijama and nightgown sets possible to wear prior and post pregnancy are also included in articles of our collection.

                Our products are designed rather for the pregnant that follows up fashion of the day, and are fond of wearing, active and highbrow. We have both cloth trousers, skirts and blouses for professional segment and jeans trousers, shorts, T-shirts and dress models for women who likes wearing sport style.